Mandya Milk Union was registered in the year 1987. The Product Dairy, Gejjalagere was then managed by Mysore Dairy.   In the Year 1988. The Product Dairy, Gejjalagere was handed over to Mandya Milk Union.

The philosophy of Union is to eliminate middlemen and organize institutions to be owned and managed by the Milk Producers themselves, employing professionals and to achieve  economies of scale to ensure maximum returns to the Milk Producers.
The vision of Mandya Milk Union is to grow in to Model Co-Operative Milk Union in the country by accomplishing our mission of assuring rural prosperity in the lives of Member milk  producers in Mandya Dist.

Our main objectives is to provide assured and remunerative market to all the Milk supplied by the Member - Producers  and also to provide good quality Milk and Milk Products at competitive price to urban and rural consumers.  In order to fulfill these objectives, the Union is constantly engaged in working towards improvements of the business as well as the welfare of the producer members.  This has resulted in greater performance on commercial as well as institutional fronts.

As a part of long term growth oriented development strategy, the Union is expanding rapidly by implementing several infrastructure projects and schemes. Union can play an  important role in assuring rural prosperity in the lives of our Milk Producers during this  millennium.